My Volvo TP21 was shipped from Göteborg, Sweden to Galveston, TX, USA via RORO vessel .

RORO stands for Roll On, Roll Off.  This mode of transport is much cheaper than

shipping the vehicle in a container, but the vehicle must be capable of being

driven under its own power.

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Here are pictures of my Sugga at the former owner's place in Sweden, being secured on the car carrier for its trip to the port at Göteborg.    Below those are pictures of the Manon.

I obtained quotes from a number of different logistics companies for shipping the Sugga. Given the approximate date that I wanted to have the Sugga shipped, they were all quoting rates for the Manon.  However, the rates differed by up to 30%, so it pays to shop around.   Costs to ship a  vehicle by RORO will almost always be calculated using the net volume of the vehicle (LxHxW).  As of 2010, cost per cubic meter from Sweden to the US runs approximately $110 to $125 per cubic meter.

Coming Soon:   Clearing Customs and Titling the Sugga

By Richard Bartz, Munich Makro Freak 

My Sugga came over on the Manon, a RORO ship operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen.  Tracking data is available in almost real time for the Manon at

Importing a Volvo TP21 Sugga