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Volvo TP21 Sugga Restore Modify



Not Driven 

Daily Driver 

I plan to drive my Sugga, yet I want to maintain some links to its military heritage.     By necessity, many modifications will be necessary. 

Plus, my Sugga came to me without most of its original military equipment  --  no radios,

A fully authentic Volvo Sugga can’t be driven much  ----- it’s just not very practical for daily use.   Mechanical and safety modifications are necessary.

Highly modified vehicles lose their military identity of course, but also become impractical to drive on a daily basis---- generally due to very specialized, use-specific mods (e.g. Red Bull Sugga).

ready access to such Swedish

   equipment here in the US. 

Luckily, there are a number of nicely preserved Suggas in museums in Sweden!

“X” marks the general spot where I will end up on this graphic.


Museum Piece

Military Show Vehicle

Auto Show Competitor

Red Bull Marketing

4x4 Mud Bogger

Michael, the owner of this Sugga has a great online photo gallery. Click the photo above to see it.

Modified 4x4


Sugga Daily Driver

Restore or Modify?

antennas, bike rack and bicycles, or other

        accessories ---  and I do not have