Volvo TP-21   Sugga #125

Volvo Sugga

Camo Pattern

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Sugga #125 was painted in the typical Swedish 4-color camouflage pattern common in the 70's and 80's.  This pattern is often referred to as M/90 and consists of a dark green, a lighter green, brown, and a near black color. This pattern was used extensively on military vehicles and aircraft.   Beginning in the 90's some units began dropping the brown color from the pattern, creating a 3-color version of the camouflage, as shown on the background of this webpage.

Patterns existed for different types of vehicles.  As shown in the pictures on this page, it appears the unit that painted my Sugga used the closest vehicle configuration they could find  --- one for a Volvo station wagon!

Color Specifications for the Swedish 4-color camouflage are specified in Swedish Defence Materiel Logistics documents using an Yxy designation.  I’ve listed the specs here, along with the corresponding HTML color designation.

Both the 3 and 4-color patterns are characterized by sharp, angular transitions between colors.  This is an effective pattern in the shadows and foliage of the evergreen forests of Scandinavia.

Directions for applying the camouflage are presented in this document, titled “Guidelines for Pattern Painting.”
Sweden Camouflage Paint Guide Volvo Sugga
The Volvo station wagon is one of 13 military vehicle pattern examples presented in this document.

There are a few pictures of Suggas with the original 4-color version of the camouflage  (sometimes a VERY faded version of the 4-color).  I’ve also found a group affiliated with a training regiment in Sweden that has a TP21 / Raptgbil 915 that they have kept up to date and appear to have painted in the 3-color camouflage: