Foreign Sites:    Suggas have migrated all over the world.  Here are some of my favorite sites documenting their history and travels.   Most include some English language content.  Use    to translate foreign language content.  It’s not perfect translation, but is very usable.

  1.  Info about a variety of vehicles used by the Swedish Armed Forces.     Includes a registry of Sugga vehicles in many countries.

  1.  Morten Synsteliens’ wonderful Norwegian-based website about the Volvo TP21.

  1.    Guillaume Duhem of France has a very interesting blog/website with info about his Sugga, #590. Most of his content is in English.   Hosted by

  2.        Swedish  offroad vehicle site, emphasizing former military vehicles.  “Terrängbil is the Swedish word for All Terrain Vehicles.  Forum includes quite a few helpful English-speaking folks.  They have several Volvo forums.

  3.      German offroading site.  It has a Volvo TP21 Forum and another Sugga-registry that includes mostly German owners.

  4.     Harri Levänen is from Finland.  He documented his search for a Sugga.

  5.    Kuppi lives in Germany and bought himself an interesting red, modified Sugga.  He has lots of great pictures of his project.

Volvo TP21 Sugga - Links

  1.     Very active web forum for those who buy, restore, preserve, modify and drive military vehicles.  Most content is focused on US Army vehicles, but vehicles from around the world   are represented as well.


  3. Brief page describing Volvo’s military trucks of the 1950’s, all relatives of the Sugga.       Large membership focused on Ford trucks and their Powerstroke Diesel  

    engines.        Canadian site with articles about all makes and

    brands of 4x4s.  Great vintage off-road site organized by Wes Kibble!

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