Volvo TP21 Sugga #125

I bought a Volvo Sugga from Sweden in the fall of 2010 and imported it to Texas. Originally built in 1954 as a radio communications car for the Swedish Armed Forces, my Sugga was used by the Army into the ‘90’s. Its last years of service were at a regimental army museum in Halmstad, where it served as a tug vehicle to move various pieces of equipment, and as a general utility vehicle. The last army inspection sticker is dated 1993. I believe the vehicle was not officially decommissioned from the Swedish Armed Forces until 1999!

The network of National Defence Museums in Sweden decided to auction the vehicle in 2008, since they already had a number of very fine Suggas preserved in their facilities. I bought the Sugga from an individual who had purchased the vehicle from the museum network.

I'll update this site frequently as modification and restoration work proceeds.

Here is a set of exterior and interior photos of my Sugga before any restoration work commenced. You can click on any individual photo to see a larger version.